Wuhan UIH Showroom

A Prose Poem of Ellipse


Shanghai United Imaging Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Considered to be the ‘Apple’ of medical industry, it holds high standards for technology innovation, product design and even exhibition space for their products. Thus, United Imaging invited us to design a showroom in its new production base located in Wuhan. With the goal that this exhibition hall is just not only a container for products, but also a provoker of emotions.

Welcome to the entrance of the showroom. This is where the visitor starts the journey.


Incorporating minimalism into space and curation, color and material, the design blurs the boundary between space and time. Visitors feel like walking into an elegant prose poem while strolling in the showroom. One step is the free flow of a prose, and the other is the rhythm of poetry. Space is a sentence, products are words, and visitors are symbols for interpretation. 

Clean design language leaves the visitor in sheer awe upon entering.

In order to reflect the brilliance of UIH’s product design, while creating a large-scale space, also the design of other dimensions were simplified to the extreme:

Space-wise, there is hardly any visible seams or supporting structures.

Color-wise, it is simplified to only white and gray used.

Materials-wise, except for the LED screens embedded on the wall, everything is made of matte materials, which leads to almost no reflection in the room.

Simplicity in material and design.

This super-sized space leaves neither a reference in the spatial scale nor a reference in the passage of time. Visitors can only hold their breath, explore the space, and marvel at the design aesthetics of the products.

The gigantic medical exhibits become small compared to the Ellipse.

The presentation hall, on the left of the Ellipse, uses vertical elements to extend the space; the contrast of black and white on a large scale makes the space more intense.

Even the stairs match the design approach.

From the entrance the visitor can look into the prologue space, through the dim light, they see the scattered texts on the white wall, and feel the restraint and tranquility of the space.

The prologue is using the method of resetting the mind of the visitors: the low ceiling height space is suppressing the audience‘s emotions to the extreme. Suddenly, the revolving doors swing open at the same time and everything becomes clear. A huge 2000 square meter space of 8 meters in height without pillars instantly greets the eyes. The visitors become tiny dots compared to the backdrop of the huge space and machines. Such a dramatic opening takes people’s breath away.

The half closed Ellipse frames the showroom.

In order to integrate the space and the product an elliptical ring is superimposed in the space, which is divided into 3 sections from the vertical direction:

Below 4 meters: A dialogue between products, content and audience like a sonnet. 

From 4 meters to 8 meters is the floating elliptical ring, with 24 projectors it presents the corporate brand value, like a magnificent epic. 

From 8 meters above is exposed ceiling coated with black paint, under the spotlight, it shines like an eternal chorus.

Entrance to “The Miracle of Hearts”.

The oval ring also divides the entire showroom into 3 spaces horizontally. 

On the left side of the hall is the presentation hall, an auditorium contrasting with dark and white colors giving space for the content of the presentation.

The presentation hall with the contrasting materials and colors.

On the right side is the „Miracle Heart“ space situated, separated from the presentation hall by the central hall in the middle. The symmetrical flow not only makes the space poetic, but also clarifies the functionality.

A space dedicated to the topics of Research and Development.

The hiding treasure space that only opens to some visitors, called „The Miracle of Hearts“, can be experienced on the right side. A completely different mood in this space awaits the visitor and resonates with the extremely exquisite core components of great R&D value. 

Light stripes divide the space.

Floorplan of the concept design.

Design & Concept
VAVE Studio

Work Scope
Planing Concept, Exhibition Design, Interaction Design, Construction follow-up


Shanghai United Imaging Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Wuhan, Province Hubei, China

Hecian Shanghai Interior Co., Ltd

4220 sqm