Accenture Campus in Kronberg, 2018

How does Global information giant Accenture visualize real-time data? VAVE have the answer with a vision.

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology and outsourcing services company. Its core competences include the development of innovative and agile solutions based on existing or new IT landscapes.

VAVE develops a nearly ten meter long media wall in the foyer of Accenture’s headquarters in Kronberg. It is supplemented by a media corridor and an LED ring with a diameter of 7 m in the ceiling, which reacts interactively to the lighting mood of the media wall.

On the basis of real-time data, the media screen shows current statistics from business and commerce, DAX stocks and the weather. The latest internal company information, information on locations and highlights of the company are graphically animated as well. The Accenture logo plays a leading role by forming itself into an interactive element, such as a swarm of pixels. The shown content as well as the LED ring’s colour react to the current daytime.

Accenture sees itself as a pioneer in dealing with digitization, big data and new data technologies. The new foyer provides a platform for communicating these topics through intuitive interaction.

“We are experiencing exciting times. We can observe how digitalisation will turn the future into the present, how markets will transform and opportunities will open up”

Frank Riemensperger
Country Managing Director, Germany

VAVE GmbH, madhat GmbH

VAVE GmbH, madhat GmbH


Media production, programming
madhat GmbH

Screen design and visuals
VAVE GmbH, madhat GmbH

Media technology
macom GmbH

Format of the media wall
216 x 960 cm