#DroneBoostRace (study)

For this years Berlin Marathon we have got to the bottom of the question:
How to make a „simple” running experience in a new and challenging way. What boosts your race? What empowers you to go further and overcome your limitations?
It is a companion that motivates you, pointing out what you are capable of.

But what could it look like?
We developed a creative concept to become the ultimate runner. The world’s first running track where human and machine become a team to unleash unexpected potentials.

The runners are accompanied by drones. They can record the running times and take pictures of the runners.

The set up: Three runners start at the same time and will accompanied by a drone. It’s a personal companion that encourages you to become better, faster and rise above yourself. The drone is able to keep up, measure lap times and capture shots of the runners. Their live data will be shown on stage to always stay on track.

The live stage shows in realtime results and photos of the runners and which runner is currently leading the race.

A large number of drones perform the Adidas logo in the sky.

At the end of the event there will be a grand finale with a drone show in the Berlin night sky.

The energizing message: push your limits with Adidas!

VAVE Studio


Adidas Performance

Berlin Marathon 2019