case study: scalable and modular concept 2019

Using its extensive knowledge about designing memorable experiences in space, VAVE created three innovative ways of communicating the core value “JOY” for the German car manufacturer BMW.

But what exactly is “JOY”?

JOY is your ability to experience feelings of happiness in any particular situation. BMW is known for its slogan ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’, but JOY goes beyond that. The goal of VAVE’s three interactive experiences is to communicate the JOY of the brand in multiple dimensions in order to truly differentiate BMW from other brands.

Strategy evaluation of “Joy” 

Concept approach: Impression, Interaction, Immersion

The marketing team at BMW was looking for a scalable concept that could communicate content that sparks joy in many different environments. To make that happen, VAVE came up with three modular experiences that can be flexibly employed in many different settings and contexts – ranging from trade fairs to showrooms or even inside dealerships. The resulting concept offers designs for small, medium and large budgets, spaces and audiences.

Photo Booth 2.0 transforms the whole body into a three-dimensional scan

Improving on the classical photo booth, the ‘Photo Booth 2.0’ doesn’t just create a simple image of the visitors. It actually transforms their whole body into a three-dimensional scan in an unexpected and delightful way, bridging the analogue world and the digital world.

Step on the platform and create your individual particle avatar.

The visitor chooses his preferred BMW and appears together with the vehicle as a 3D object in the scene.

The visitors’ ‘particle avatar’ is displayed on a hidden screen that first appears as a mirror. The interaction is not hidden in a booth; rather it is set on a stage, making the experience inherently social and shareable.

But that is not everything: The 3D images can then be used to personalize and bring to life exhibits in other areas of the space along with the digital representation of the visitor, thereby creating multiple memorable experiences. The visitors even receive a copy of their respective scan, which they can e.g. share on social media.

ACES Presenter 4.0

The ACES Presenter 4.0 is an infotainment area and communicates contents like: autonomous driving, connectivity or electrification.

This experience takes customer infotainment to the next level, by bringing the abstract concept of Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared or ‘ACES’ into the sensory realm. ACES is BMW’s vision for the future of mobility. The ‘Presenter 4.0’ can do this accommodating both guided presentations and self-discovery by the visitors.

Featuring haptic elements like tactile materials, motion-sensing technology for interactivity and digital content, the ‘Presenter 4.0’ concept combines the physical and the digital realm for an educational, engaging and immersive experience.

Motion-sensing technology for interactivity and digital content. © Image credits by BMW

Using the table elements, the visitor can test the ShyTech interface and interactively influence the content on the screen.

Next to gesture control which many users might already be familiar with, the Presenter 4.0 also features an innovative ShyTech interface. ShyTech is technology that is not easily recognizable as such. In this case a touch sensitive display is hidden behind a translucent textile. This and other sensory inputs like speech recognition seamlessly blend the digital world with reality.

Additionally the Presenter 4.0 also features the same technology as the Photo Booth 2.0, making it able to 3D-scan people and make their avatars part of the exhibit. The concept is also fully modular, meaning it is adaptable to spaces of different sizes.

Immersive Lounge

Immersive spatial experiences lead the visitor into another world.

The overall experience has an expected duration of 4 minutes – from the entrance to the showroom.

The ‘Immersive Lounge’ takes the principles of the other two designs and integrates them into one coherent brand environment. Staging the brand content in a way that is fully immersive to the visitor is the key to this concept. The design achieves this by providing an experience for multiple senses, blending physical elements with dynamic and interactive digital content.

Depending on location, budget and occasion, the M8 Experience is conceivable in different sizes and versions.

Like the Presenter 4.0, the Immersive Lounge is also designed in a modular fashion, allowing the individual rooms to be added or removed without disturbing the narrative of the experience.

M8 Experience entrance.

The experience starts with entering the rooms through an artificial ice wall that teases the new model M8 by letting the visitors sense a car but not being able to see it clearly through the semi-transparent surface. A butler then leads the visitors into the experience in groups of four.

Welcome to luxury M8 lounge.

Next the visitors arrive in the M8 lounge, which juxtaposes traditionally luxurious interior design with digital sports-related content on the walls, which is dynamically generated by a custom algorithm. A piano player further enhances the luxurious experience of the room along the auditory dimension.

Please fasten your seatbelt to experience the new BMW M8!

When the visitors have settled into their seats and buckled up, the entire room begins to transform. Immersive LED walls create a sense of traveling through space and time. A wind machine even simulates the speed of driving.

After the exhilarating show is over, doors open to reveal the real-life M8. The visitors are then invited to examine the car in person.

Finally, a barroom awaits the guests with refreshing drinks and an opportunity to relax while letting the experience sink in and exchange their impressions of the car.

Focused and precise lines of character: Experience a New Dimension of Joy.

Take a refreshing drink at the M8 Showroom bar.

M8 Showroom: Let the new M8 model take effect on you!

Bringing the joy of digital experiences into the real world

Using its signature integration of cutting-edge technology with sensory inputs and physical elements, VAVE designed a bespoke yet modular concept to communicate BMW’s core value JOY in an impressive manner. Visitors not only experience joy along multiple dimensions but create memorable moments that they can take home in the form of digital content and share it with their friends on social media.

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