CES Asia 2019, Shanghai

VAVE designed the CES Asia 2019 booth for Mercedes-Benz.
In this year’s CES Asia, VAVE and Ambrosius China collaborate to build a booth for Mercedes-Benz.

CES ASIA – Asia’s Consumer Electronics show, is the Asian version of the largest trade show for innovation and technology exhibition, bringing together wisdom and creativity from around the world, as well as the most cutting-edge experience technology.

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz CES Asia booth.

Mercedes-Benz uses this CES to showcase the frontier of technology products and solutions for future travel. Smart technology and electric vehicles are shaping the future of automobiles, to keep up with the fast-paced society and adapt to every part of the consumer’s daily life.

Three hero car models as the main attractor on the booth.

The future of the car is beyond its basic need as a tool for transportation, as it connects with the outside world and will lead the change in means of transport and consumer’s needs.

Branding, car exhibition and interaction areas for the visitors are in balance.

At CES Asia 2019’s Mercedes Benz booth, VAVE communicates the concept of future travels and lifestyle led by Mercedes-Benz through interactive environmental design, providing users with individualized scenes, allowing them to feel and resonance with the scenarios.

The whole booth becomes a presentation stage.

The design process initiate with three models of car for the selected targeted groups, taking the user’s social and emotional status as a starting point. Through analyze applicable scenarios and product features, VAVE created three themes, “Trendy Block”,  “Future City”, and  “Luxury Living”.

Small space used in the best possible way.

The entire booth is a rectangular space divided into three main themes, using roof shape of various heights and scale, defined by the “urban roads” separating each area from another.

Concept visualizations of the area division.

“Dancing Show”

“Sport Utility momentum, for the fun of driving.”
Main scene: Luxury Living
Experience: Lounge, Dancing Show

LED wall in the back creates the stage for the GLE.

The main path is a scene created for GLE SUV, a “dancing car” in the center as a key display. The stage and the big screen behind forms a complementary visual, which can be viewed from all angles.
This section uses a continuation of wood grain material, to create a comfortable and luxury high-end indoor scene.

“New Electronic Force”

Main scene: Future City
Experience: Work station, Charging Point

Lights create a future city feeling.

The changing LED screen set a scene of an a futuristic city environment, promoting the EQC future tech and its electronic specialties.

“New era of luxury”

Main scene: Trendy Block
Experience: Changing LED screen, future city environment, EQC future tech, electronic specialty

The A-Class in the city environment as an urban classic.

This section uses a high-end outdoor street scene as a background, seamlessly weave in smart technology product into the scene, showing a young and stylish living environment that most suits the A-Class model.

A-Class in the city setting.

Floorplan of Mercedes-Benz CES Asia booth design with three zones.

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VAVE Studio

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