Alibaba A·Museum

World AI Conference 2019, Shanghai

VAVE and Alibaba Group created (AI Goes Crazy) Interactive Art Exhibition – Using black technology transform fairy tales.

At the west bund venue for the 2019 world artificial intelligence conference —Tank Shanghai, The VAVE team was fortunate to design and create the „AI Goes Crazy“  interactive technology art exhibition for A·Museum of Alibaba Group.

Watch the video and enjoy a walk through the exhibition.

Overall Concept: What would fairy tales was with Ali?
Would these still be the Magic Lamp, Magic Mirror, Somersault Cloud, Magic Forest in our memory?

The access to the exhibition leads through a tunnel into the tank.

Poster for the announcement of the event.

VAVE integrated Ali’s AI technology and content into familiar fairy tales, provided AI technology to the magic items and characters in the stories. These elements created one and another bizarre scene by being connected with space interactive experience. Trying to take the participants into these interesting characters and a new twist in the story.

Floor plan and route through the exhibition.

Waste goes crazy.

The visitor is welcomed by a huge sculpture made of garbage.

We retained the original structure glass arc wall in atrium, used dazzle colour film to a created a fantastic atmosphere. The audiences see different visual colour under different lights and angles.

Go through the atrium installation that is [Waste Go Crazy] and enter the main display area.

Corridor goes crazy.

See yourself in a classical oil painting.

The combination of real-time changing colour light and gradient wall created a dreamlike corridor (public space), the audience can travel through the magnificent arch to start a bizarre adventure.

When you come closer, the interactive system in classical oil paintings can change your image into the masters‘ works.

The four-panel POPART comics in the arch illustrate each section’s journey to audiences, just like pages in a storybook.

Each station has its own comic story to introduce the featured fairy tale.

The comics are placed in front of the different stations.

If there is Alibaba Artificial Intelligence, what will fairy tales become? You can experience the mind-blowing interactions with Magic Lamp, Magic Mirror, Somersault Clouds and the Giant in the fascinating art space! Have you flipped

Dongwen Xu (Piper)  3D Designer

Magic lamp goes crazy.

All that begin, adapted from Aladdin’s Magic Lamp. For if we have TAOBAO in fairy tale, why would we looking for Magic Lamp so hardly? Everything we desire can be found on TAOBAO~

Find the magic lamp, …

The design language of Lowpoly is used to create scenes with layers of caves, perfectly fitted the creativity of KV. Dazzling golden coins and boxes are surrounded by ‚Treasures‘ (TAOBAO merchandise), giving the scene an eerie and conflicting sense of fun – the magic lamp is hidden in it, and you need to find it yourself.

… touch it and see what happens.

The interactive experience combined the insights of thousands of people on TAOBAO, touches the magic lamp, and the Amoy doll appears on the screen. According to the personal information input by the audience, the freedom of consumption will be realized.

Somersault cloud goes crazy.

For if Piggie in „Journey to The West“ has internet, he would have a somersault cloud, become a fashion, food and travel blogger whenever in Paris or New York.

Somersault cloud in ‚Dreamily Skies‘, travel the world by leaps and bounds.

Build layers of clouds with balloons and light bulbs to simulate the glow of the sunset and create a dream world.

The motion-capture technology combined with projection technology enables the audience to sit on a somersault cloud swing, fly with the Fliggy through the clouds, travel between Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Los Angeles and Paris.

Travel between different cities while sitting on the swing.

Magic mirror goes crazy.

For if Magic Mirror is Artficial Inteligence, can get nuance, the Queen would never be green eyed and silly, the poison apple would never exist.

Magic mirror in ‚Emotion Mirror Room‘ can easily read your heart.

Is that the Queen’s mirror room another lab, which is hiding natural interaction between human and technologies?Passing through the mirror room with infinite reflection, here looks like a Queen’s dressing room, putting on a cloak and start a mysterious communication with the magic mirror.

Magic Mirror(AI) knows how you feel.

Magic mirror exhibition combined Alibaba AI Emotion Analysis Technology. When the observers face to the mirror, Magic Mirror(AI) can catch facial expressions and recognize emotions.Then different sweet words are presented in the mirror according to the different emotions of the audience. Meanwhile, the atmospheric music and the mirror column device will also change.

Forest goes crazy.

Remember ‚Jack and the Beanstalk‘? For if everyone support environmental protection. When the giant sees the beautiful forest under the beanstalk, maybe his stone heart would be touched.

Countless fiber-optic lights created magical tunnels that guide you into a magical forest.

The Projection Mapping technology perfectly presents Alibaba’s online charity model, allowing viewers to interact with cute animals from 23 Alibaba brands in the forest.

The animals on the wall react to the actions of the visitors.

The complete wall is covered by projection mapping.

Waving the hand to call Ali’s small animals, audiences can collect energy balls after completing the charity tasks. Through this experience, the audience will feel their personal strength to environmental protection. All rivers run into the sea, even personal support can bring positive changes to the ecology.

Is that all? Not yet! Variety of merchandising is also full of our creative ideas:

Event flyer with slider: AI magic turn around! Rotating the disc manually and start the journey to AI Goes Crazy.

Dazzle coloured laser bags and stickers are custom-designed for A·Museum.

VAVE Studio

[AI Goes Crazy] Interactive Art Exhibition

Exhibition Design
VAVE Studio


Alibaba Group

Interaction Design
VAVE Studio


2019 Shanghai Tank Art Center

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