Bubbleverse Shanghai Design

at Xintiandi Design Festival 2021

From 28/5/2021 to 14/6/2021, VAVE participated in the Design Shanghai at the Xintiandi Design Festival with an interactive experience, with the theme „New – Living – Innovation“:“New“ means „Innovation“, „Living“ means „Innovation“,  „Living“ means „Revitalization“.
The theme attempts to pay attention to the beauty of everyday life, to the essence of life, to focus on the new value of design in the real world, and to explore new ways to practice innovation in the inheritance of civilization.

Explore the Bubbleverse together with us!

Place your hand and start to experience the process of creation.

VAVE chose to continue the colorful and „playfull“ style of the „see-soul“ which exhibited at Xintiandi Design Festival last year.  After hundreds of experiments, VAVE team created a magic Bubble machine, inviting everyone to jump into the fairy tale world and have fun.

Within the moment, you give birth to your own universe. Each ‘Bubbleverse’ is a unique moment and exists along with other parallel universes.

A fast track from design to realisation – first prototypes.

The „Bubble Universe“ is the No.4 installation which is located in crossroads of Taicang Road and Madang Road, besides Starbucks. Since the opening, it has become one of the most popular interactive spots.

Create your bubble universe

By touching the interface, the machine starts the process of creating your personal bubble universe.

Within the moment, you give birth to your own universe. Each‘Bubbleverse’ is a unique moment and exists along with other parallel universes.

Create your personal universe for a moment, for seconds for a lifetime. Enjoy the beauty of the world create, grow, and disappear!

„Equipped with five senses, mankind explores the universe around and calls the adventure Science“

Edwin Powell Hubble

Enjoy the process of creation. Enjoy the ideas fluctuating, enjoy the dazzling, the iridescent, the changing. Enjoy the beauty of creation, growing up and disappearing. Among uncountable other universes.

The VAVE team welcomes passers-by on site to discover the bubble machine.

VAVE Studio invited visitors to create and experience a great sci-fi spectacle. From the present to an idea sent on a journey. It only takes the moment when a bubble is formed.

Enter the BubbleVerse. Online experience with the universe generator that creates your own ‚Bubbleverse‘.

For those who can’t be there, we have created an online „Bubble Universe“, hoping to pass this joy to more people.

VAVE team captured in the Bubble-Universe.

Concept: VAVE Studio

Design: VAVE Studio

Location: Design Shanghai / Xintiandi Design Festival

Production by : VAVE Studio x Kastone

Film and Photography: Saren Huang