Midea Commercial Aircon Showroom 2021

Midea MDV CAC X-Pro Center - Explore Infinity

How does one explore the unlimited possibilities, solutions and scenarios all within one exhibition space?

This is the question that the design team had to face when VAVE was commissioned to upgrade the exhibition hall for Midea Commercial Air-Conditioning. The goal was to smartly communicate the company’s global leading scale, the infinite opportunities and the unique technological innovation of the enterprise.

Fly-through video as a first impression of the exhibition.

Midea Commercial Air-Conditioning explores and advances in all fields of the industry with the spirit of continuous breakthroughs. The challenging goal in this project was to extract the core concepts of the enterprise and organize the content sections. To successfully accomplish this task, VAVE design team developed the concept called „Exploring Infinity“ which divides the space into five main sections. The design strategy to organize the exhibition is called AIDA, which is an abbreviation for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. It all results in a journey that will lead the customer from the first to the last point of the chosen strategy.

Welcome to the entrance of the Exhibition hall. This is where our journey begins.

The design language of the space was decided to be kept in minimal tones, simple and transparent elements, to emphasize the technological innovation and progression of Midea’scompany. Starting already from the entrance visitors can perceive the company’s devoted orientation to future.

View into the entire showroom with it’s 5 different areas.

The showroom is divided into 5 parts that revolve around the concept of exploring ‚Infinity‘. From the idea, to the development, the implementation until the inspiration. Together with the design this topic forms a clear and consistent journey, enriched with technology to create a memorable and interactive experience.
The ideation for the 5 areas of the showroom all revolve around infinity.

Developed Infinity 发展不止步
Inspirational Infinity 灵感不设限
Scenario Infinity 体验无边界
Innovated Infinity 创新全领域
International Infinity 机遇跨国界

Developed Infinity

The journey starts with the section called Developed Infinity. The first area’s function is to initiate attention and cause interest for the further exploring. In this area, visitors are introduced to the company, its foundation, its historical milestones and its most important solutions.

The translucent displays tell the history of enterprise’s development and provide all the necessary information about Honor Awards, Accomplishments and Cooperative partners.

Inspirational Infinity

„Inspirational Infinity“ is presented at the centre of the exhibition. The models on the turntables show the starting points for the development of future smart cities. The cooperative customer group aims for business collaboration and focuses on the product itself. So this approach became a solution to present the most important and simple technical features.

A clear design language creates space for the contents of the brand. In the Inspirational Infinity area visitors can explore the BMS Smart Building System.

The future development of smart cities can be experienced interactively by rotating the models. Augmented reality content shows the most important highlights in an informative and involving way.

The rotating models are easy to use, so that each client can get a clear insight into the product itself. It is an elegant solution to process the technical data in an understandable visual presentation.

Scenario Infinity

The third area is called Scenario Infinity. Here customers can experience the subtle care of smart technology and receive a broad yet very clear knowledge on the Smart City set up. The interactive display is a multi-level systematic demonstration of business difficulties and targeted solutions in such domains as real estate supporting, infrastructure, commercial services, public utilities and agricultural production. Thanks to the projection mapping on simplified graphics developed by VAVE Studio, these difficult topics are communicated in a simple and understandable way.

This section is dedicated to the detailed explanation of the Smart City and provides customers with an “experience without boundaries”.

Innovated Infinity 

The next part of the journey stands for an Innovated Infinity as it tells the story of innovation in the whole field. It provides customers with information about Technology & Manufacturing, allowing them to explore the highlights behind smart technology, software system, hardware equipment and manufacturing screen.

The core technologies are presented in a long showcase with a sliding screen offering in-depth content.

International Infinity 

The last area is dedicated to the conceptual part of International Infinity. This area tells visitors and potential customers about the possibilities that cross borders and open up opportunities on the international stage with their extravagant tone.

Change in color and material mark the transition from one area to another.

The final part of the journey introduces customers to the luxury of the Clivet subbrand, which opens the doors of the niche industry to the world.

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