"Resonance" Installation at Milan Design Week 2019

Come with us to explore the intersections of life and technology. Beyond interface. Beyond screen. Dive into a journey between the physical and the digital world.

Feel the ‚Resonance’ and discover new ways to experience the world around us.

Discover a maze-like space filled with beautiful lights and through natural interaction with the exhibition based on daily behaviors, such as breathing, talking, and touching

The interactions between people, objects and technology evolve in a constant flow, creating new experiences within the shifting currents of how we think, work, and live. Our mission was to explore these interactions with Samsung‛s ‘Resonance’ Exhibiton at Milan Design Week 2019 and to reflect Samsung’s design philosophy of ‘Be bold, Resonate with Soul’.

At the entrance iridescent reflections in the windows of the inner courtyard will grab your attention and tease your imagination in anticipation of the exhibition.

Here you will find an immersive world which allows people to experience technology as an integral part of their lives.

The journey begins in an imaginative iridescent maze, peering trough windows in search of reality. As you approach the space, the installation welcomes you with a colourful invitation to discover, to touch, to sense, to feel. Five different interactive experiences resonate and transform in response to your interactions, evoking a flow of emotions that resonate boldly and deeply.

Due to its extensive scope for interaction with analogue exhibits, this exhibition is truly unique.

In an age where interactions between humanity and technologies have become the norm of everyday, we embrace life with all our senses. The idea of Resonance is to transport us beyond our always present screens to our essential human interactions with technology. Your breath, your voice, and your touch to unlock a mesmerizing world of possibilities.

Discover Dandelion

The first exhibit “Dandelion” resonates with breath and fosters self-awareness.

Expanding spheres dilate and contract to the delicate rhythm of the user breathing in and out.

Blow against the spheres, the gust of wind causes them to unfold.

Discover Aloft

“Aloft”, the third section, further resonates with the presence of the audience. Thousands of particles react to each and every touch.

Graphical illustration of the functional principle.

The white balls are elevated by air ventilation and float and glide in the slipstream of the visitor.

Immersion Ripple

Welcome to the fascinating water installation, “Ripple”. Inside an infinity tunnel, two water surfaces react to your presence with physical water and digital light resonations.

Graphical illustration of the functional principle.

The resonations are accompanied by a torrent of continuous sound.

Discover Whirlwind

The exhibit “Whirlwind” responds to your inner voice.

A built-in mirror gives the appearance of infinity

Graphical illustration of the functional principle.

Coloured elastic ropes can be made to vibrate by the various frequencies of your speech and voice.

Immersion Prism

Welcome the final experience of the exhibition “Prism”, which is designed as an immersive environment.

Graphical illustration of the functional principle.

Large round mirror surfaces reflect the coloured light shadows of the visitors onto the wall.

Those who place themselves in the cone of light will find resonating quotations on the surfaces of the wall.

Floor plan and route through the exhibition. Visitors can discover five resonating experiences that are designed to bring people together; creating a dialogue between objects, technology and themselves.

Curated and designed
by Cheil Worldwide and VAVE Studio

Samsung Corporate Design Center

Xilografia, Milan

Engineering and Media production
VAVE Studio x Limiteazero, Milan

Film and Photography
Luca Severi and Gianfilippo De Rossi of Luca Severi Production Group Inc.



Date/Period of time
9th to 14th April 2019

Exhibition area 423 sqm, outdoor area 138 sqm