Tencent T-Day

World AI Conference 2019, Shanghai

In the summer of 2019, VAVE created the theme of “Adventures in Shanghai”, built a future train that travels through time and space, to establish Tencent’s outstanding strength as a tech company. We combined “magical technology” and the essence of Shanghai, to ignite 2019 WAIC at West Bund Shanghai.


Welcome to “Adventures in Shanghai” by Tencent

A historic building facade welcomes visitors.

Each person is individual! An interesting interaction between artistic figures and their shadows.

Visit a place where technology meets tradition, innovation meets history, and reality meets fantasy.

With the theme “Adventures in Shanghai”, VAVE crafted a trendy, fantastical future Shanghai, where technology meets tradition, innovation meets history, and reality meets fantasy. We bring you the Shanghai you know and more, dazzle you with the future life enhanced by Tencent’s AI technology, open your eyes to unlimited possibilities.

Have fun at different AI Stations.

Computer visual AI, AI assisted diagnostic, eyeball movement tracking, speech semantic recognition technology, etc, these seemingly fragmented technologies were pieced together by VAVE with different iconic Shanghai Metro stations. Within 2400 sqm area, from dazzling East Nanjing, to everlasting People’s Square, we experience the beauty of Shanghai throughout time with the help of Tencent.

Floor plan and route through the exhibition.

Motion sensors transform visitor interactions into moving images.

3D glasses make the exhibits look even more real and turn the exhibition into an experience.

Throughout visitor’s journey of Shanghai’s landmarks, you will have fun with Tencent’s most cutting-edge technology, and immerse yourself in the world that VAVE and Tencent created together – entertaining, fun, advanced, and for all, presenting Tencent’s intention of Technology for good.

Traditional architecture in a modern context brings together exciting worlds.

The city landscape VAVE created is futuristic, juxtaposing, grotesque. Walk into Yuyuan garden covered in cyberpunk styled lightings, tell ‘Xiaowei’, Tencent’s AI assistant, what’s your favorite Shanghai specialty food, watch Xiaowei unravel the story behind it. Write down idioms that include animal characters, see the pen you’re holding transform into a magical brush, turns your writing into illustrations, dancing lively on top of the projection wall.

See yourself in new perspectives.

To show off Tencent’s face merging and AI coloring technology, we used the iconic Shanghai Shikumen architectural unit to bring visitors into the old time lanes. In the ‘Hengfu Photo Studio’, we invite visitors to leave there personalized Shanghai style selfies.

Take a selfie in the photo studio and see a new version of yourself in old traditional images inside the gallery.

The photo studio invites all visitors to try out the personal transformation.

How would you look in a historical picture?

As Shanghai’s most visited commercial street, East Nanjing Road is without a doubt the central piece of the entire pavilion. A flipped urban space connected with mirroring surface, forming an echoing fantasy world. Wander through it, lost in space and time, and imagine the future.

Let a firework start over Shanghai’s famous skyline.

Just like the actual East Nanjing Road, at the end of which we can have a glimpse of the modern attraction of Lujiazui. Visitors are awarded with the opportunity to transform the past view to a future prospect with their gaze. Slightly move their finger tips, and they will add in ravishing fireworks to the already marvelous skyline, together they will experience the dynamic, sensational, wondrous Oriental Pearl.

Self-driving car by Tencent.

Aside from the Monkey King in the Grand Theater, self-driving car on Huaihai Road, Tencent also brought us combat robot, and adventure games designed to raise awareness for visually impaired. To let visitors experience and interact with AI technology, as well as acknowledge Tencent’s aspiration of technology for good.

Adventure games are not only fun, but also communicate a positive message.

T-Day Shanghai 2019 is an opportunity for Tencent to build a stronger partnership with the Shanghai Government, also a fun education for public visitors. It’s booked out instantly, and is well-received across social platforms, it’s suffice to say that this event has been a massive success.  VAVE has yet again delivered an immersive experience combining culturally rich city and technology, that is more fun than pop-up installation shows, and more visually appealing than normal technology fairs.

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