UIH Showroom

Precision Medicine Showroom in Guiyang, China

Imaging procedures in radiology such as MRT, CT and X-rays have become indispensable in modern medicine and are essential methods in diagnostics. In this field, the Chinese company United Imaging Healthcare (UIH) is one of the leading manufacturers. They develop, produce and distribute medical imaging systems.

In Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, China is planning a strategic Big Data Center to serve as a stage for digital visions of the future in industry and information technology. With an on-site showroom, Shanghai based UIH wants to give an insight into the current state of research. The focus will be on Big Data applications in precision medicine and their technical possibilities. The exhibition is aimed at members of the government and managing directors in hospitals.

The complete formal language of the exhibition communicates the future-oriented and innovative ideology of UIH: from architecture to exhibition and then to the use of typography. The generous room layout, extensive white surfaces and a linear lighting concept impressively underline the futuristic concept.

Starting at the entrance, an ascending circular path leads visitors past historical content and company information – up to a vantage point from which the entire eight-metre-high exhibition area can be overlooked. Adjacent to this stands the Corporate Cinema. Here, UIH shows films about the brand, its values and its product range. A self-opening sliding door and a staircase behind it give entrance to the central exhibition area. Future visions in the field of medicine and the latest UIH products can be discovered here. LED screens on the wall provide valuable background information on Big Data as well as modern therapy and diagnostic options.

With this showroom, United Imaging Healthcare has the opportunity to represent its progressive way of thinking, characteristic brand values and state-of-the-art products in an impressive fashion.





United Imaging Healthcare

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