China through the lens.

30,000-Second Gallery by Xiaomi x Leica

In 2022, Xiaomi and Leica Camera AG united to revolutionize optics and technology. With a shared vision of making high-quality photography available to everyone, a photography competition was launched to encourage smartphone users to explore the art of image capturing. 

Moments of life are superimposed together to form a macro narrative.

Over 270,000 photos from 2022 were submitted. The task was to display the winning entries in a visually striking event and to garner media attention for the brand’s mission.

The scope of the installation is best captured via drone shots.

Captured moments on 100 light frames.


Every moment of life is precious. Through photography, the emotions of the moment can be captured and remembered. What would be more appropriate than to offer these moments an equal place of staging? – at the iconic Great Wall of China.

Culture, art and technology merge together.

We combined the diary entries of each individual person into a “portrait” of time. Countless tiny moments of life are superimposed together to form a macro narrative, an epic about ordinary people and momentary aesthetics. To a certain extent, they represent the memory of China in 2022.

The installation extends over 1 km across the Great Wall of China. The towers were used for different functions such as a photo exhibition inside the tower or as a platform for the large LED countdown cube.

The installation was even tracked via satellite imagery.

The light frames were positioned side by side and stretched over 1km on the wall.


100 giant light frame photos were displayed along a 1km stretch of the Great Wall. The centerpiece, a 5-sided LED cube, illuminated a curated collection of 30,000 photos counting down the final #30000seconds of the year, 8 hours long. 

Aerial view of the LED cube.

Drone shots captured the venue and AR fireworks were used to enhance the midnight show. The event was live-streamed for online audiences. The installation’s success in combining art and technology, as seen by its 49 million live views and 2.1 billion impressions, captivated and inspired audiences in an unprecedented level.

From the tower in which the photo exhibition takes place you have an impressive view over the installation, integrated into the beautiful landscape of the location.

The event becomes particularly interesting with the transition into the night. Here, the lighting design comes into its own particularly well.

A curated collection of 30,000 photos is displayed on the 5-sided LED cube. Each photo for 1 second. So the last #30000seconds of the year are counted down. This corresponds to a duration of about 8 hours.

Drone shots captured the venue and AR fireworks were used to enhance the midnight show.

Inside one of the towers, a photo exhibition was held, awarding and displaying the best entries to the photo contest.

Photo exhibition in tower #3.

For visitors to the installation on location, the light frames were temporarily placed upright to enable the walk over the wall. 

There was a set arrangement for interviews and on-site coverage. 

Lead Agency
VAVE Studio

Involved Agencies
InsPUMP, OGK, PRphoto



Visual Designer

VAVE Studio, InsPUMP

Great Wall of China, Dec 31st, 2022

Photo & Video

1km track long