Our belief.

Knowledge is valuable, experience is priceless.With everything we do we aim to challenge the status quo.

We believe in fascinating stories that people can experience, remember and share. By creating impressive spaces with meaningful interactive experiences, we immerse people with all senses.

We explore the unknown to create the unforgettable.

Our Approach.

Through our unique 3i approach we design powerful connections between content, space and people that create an unforgettable experience.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to design unforgettable experiences that enable our clients to create unique visitor experiences and to help their brands come alive.

When we impress people, we gain their attention. What triggers our mind becomes meaningful to us. What touches our hearts gives us the feeling of being connected.

Our playground provides you the power to influence the world of tomorrow.

Our Playground.

We play at the interface between architecture, communication and digital media – we call this Space Experience Design (SX Design).