Fair stand on Geneva International Motor Show 2018

At the Geneva Motor Show 2018 Hyundai appears under the motto “Clean Mobility“. The highlight of these performance is the world premiere of the “Kona EV”, the first E-SUV with a range of 482 km, at an acceptable price.

With this solution Hyundai may overtake its competitors in the electric vehicle market. The Korean car manufacturer is therefore positioning himself as a visionary pioneer in “Clean Mobility“.

Based on the established corporate architecture, three highlight zones are structuring the current vehicle fleet thematically. Hyundai offers a comprehensive view of the future of modern mobility. The “Clean Mobility Area“ with two interactive cutaway exhibits is presented in the centre. At this place visitors can catch up on details of the new and alternative driving systems.

The interactive light show with pulsating LED light lines on the ceiling and floor leads to the large main stage. The 12m x 5.5m, medially playable LED facade presents this year’s product highlights in an eye-catching way. The self-luminous white frame encloses the stand architecture like a large clamp.

The “Le Fil Rouge” concept car is represented on the left side of the main stage. Integrated into the minimalistic design of the Vision Space, the futuristic atmosphere also conveys spatialy the trend-setting message. Innovative design, modern technology, the credo “Sensuous Sportiness”: representing the new design direction of the company.

The presentation area for the aforementioned Kona EV and the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo of the second generation is located at the front of the media facade.

Another attraction offers the IPC (Intelligent Personal Cockpit) driving simulator, located on the right-hand side of the stand, which shows technology enthusiasts a deeper insight into the future of networked vehicle technology.

The intelligent cockpit shows the connection between artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the driver’s stress level recognition. The light lines on the ceiling, designed in a futuristic and clean way, take up the design elements to the front area of the trade fair stand and offer an extensive information platform to experience the visionary mobility solutions in a immersive way.




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