Exhibition at the Volkswagen Group Forum DRIVE, Berlin 2016

VAVE designed for Porsche, at the VW Group Forum Drive in Berlin, the three-month temporary exhibition „Fascination Sports Cars – The Future of Performance“.

An interactive tour guides visitors through today to tomorrow along a trail of tradition and the future allowing each person to experience the „Fascination Sports Cars“ first hand.

The dynamic design and architecture shows the „Forward thinking of Porsche“ on both a technological and emotional level.

Seven selected Porsche show cars: ranging from the Porsche 550 Spyder to the official release of the 718 Boxster in Germany, were featured at the brand exhibition. Each car is set on a single pedestal shaped in the form of an arrow. A simple, but clear message: „The only direction is forward“.

Large light rays beaming down from the ceiling evoke feelings of the speed, progress that represents the forward-looking orientation of the Porsche brand.

Visitors experience the Porsche Vision “The Future of Performance” at seven interactive exhibitions. A personalized performance card guides the public through the exhibition.

Visitor can also, through direct interaction with the brand, learn more about the technologies of tomorrow or configure and identify with his/her own personal Porsche sports car at the „Inspiration Table”.

Creative Agency
(Exhibition Design & Architecture)

Lead Agency
Liganova GmbH



Porsche AG

VAVE GmbH, Porsche AG, Super MM

1570 sqm