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Qianhai & Shekou Free Trade Zone Investment

In 2020, the aggravation of environmental problems prompt people to start thinking again about “residence”. How can we redefine the relationship between people, nature and cities? How will we live in the future in cities while leaving space for the nature and the people alike?

Welcome to the Mawan Center – showroom for the future city model

Sharing city exhibition hall – dialogue with space

Finding answers to this question is the main task for the client of this center, Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Investment Development Co., Ltd. Their challenge was to utilize the basement space to make the answers they’re developing for the new area inside the city visible for the public.

Light stripes are framing the content.

The Mawan center is utilized to showcase the philosophy of the company, how they build a new area that can combine the quality of life for people and nature alike. Above are located the offices of the city shaping company and below in the basement a showroom that tries to define the future of residence.

Working and presenting to the public goes hand in hand.

Light boxes in the ceiling illuminate the space.

The dialogue in space design was achieved through the combination of contrasting elements that are found both in the city and in nature, eventually merging them into perception of one entity. The very key element in the concept are the “windows” that create the feeling of spaciousness, expansion and connection to the outer environment. This solutions allows to break the limitations that come with the use of underground space.

Change of perspective and interaction.

The windows also aim at reflecting permeability of the space in both mental and physical ways. Some squares bring the natural sky light from the outside to the underground. And others are soft film light boxes that imitate the quality of natural light and give additional, very bright illumination. The “windows” do not only introduce the natural language into the space but also, in their layout, inherit philosophy from the concept of Chinese garden’s winding paths through secluded spaces which allows for the harmonious flow.

A mix of 2-D and 3-D graphics gives a great visual balance.

The dialogue between nature, city and the habitation continues through the choice of materials and textures that reflect both dimensions. As well as the combination of elements that take reference to different sceneries surrounding the city to achieve an organic fusion. They are presented by simple and monochrome urban-looking blocks combined with horizontal segments of vivid green plants and the textured stainless steel sheets that mimic the pattern of water waves.

Graphics, colors and interaction all matching the theme of the exhibition.

The closing spatial element that evokes multi-dimensionality is the graphic visuals applied on the vertical planes in various ways, as well as the use of graphics as different shapes and silhouettes.

For the most part the earthy palette was used for the graphic design to bring another natural aspect.

In the best tradition of VAVE studio a great importance was given to the use of technology as part of spatial design to connect visitors to the content with a bigger intensity. This goal was achieved through entertaining interactive ways that create a greater sense of immersion.

Interactive projections wall on top of the graphics. Visitors should touch it to start interaction.

The shown technology allows visitor to select the area or project on the desktop, and the LED wall screen will display the block and the corresponding renderings or partners. LCD screens hidden in the landscape box, showing a faux AR effect, add the dynamic showcasing of the Mawan Lifestyle. To throw a glimpse of surprise many graphic elements and text stay hidden in the wall and only show up when the system senses the visitor. The touch screens on the other hand are blended with the decorative structure and become part of the interior.

Multidimensional interaction achieved through Interactive desktop combined with LED screen and LCD virtual landscape

With Leap Motion technology, the project models become responsive to visitors’ movement to connect them to the immersive environment.

Panoramic view model made with LED base and acrylic model of the project being built. By choosing a segment of the new district, visitors can light up that area on the model to create the dialogue between the technology, city and themselves.

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