Wöhner Showroom,  Shanghai 2017

The globally operating company for energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies makes the efficient, reliable and above all safe use of energy its business.

The family-owned traditional company Wöhner presents itself in a new and innovative showroom in Shanghai. The location is a listed historical building raised in 1929, the remarkable parallel: Wöhner was also founded in the same year.

Under the motto “the power of electricity”, a multifunctional showroom is being created – future-oriented, with design links to the historical building as well as to Chinese culture. The glass façade of the entrance area is a modern interpretation of an East Asian paravent that is also used as a room divider within the showroom.

Based on the principle of an “energy flow”, VAVE develops the zoning of the rooms, which is divided thematically into visitor and employee sections. The used materials, especially the floor covering, make the thematic separation easy to recognise. Shared workplaces, a single office and a future lab for the employees have a rather homely character and creates a parallel to the building.

Visitor areas featuring a lounge, media table, product presentation and large transparent LED wall in the reception area are embedded in white high-gloss surfaces.

Visitors have the opportunity to inform themselves about products and tailor-made solutions at the flexible and interactive media table. Prototypes can be produced using a 3D printer. A product display recessed in the wall shows various components along the well-known Wöhner busbar system – an all-round touch-protected safety system.

Customer acquisition, recruitment tool and presentation of the Wöhner Group as an attractive and innovative company – all united in one showroom.

Creative Agency

Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG Elektrotechnische Systeme



Construction Company
Kangye Exhibition Co.,Ltd


185 sqm