“MQDC Inspire ME“ Lounge at ICONSIAM, Bangkok

ICONSIAM is Thailand’s largest commercial real estate project of all time and also one of the most spectacular projects in Asia. The 750,000 square metre mega-destination is not only a shopping centre, but also a platform for diverse art, culture and lifestyle activities. Countless restaurants and luxurious residences can also be found here.

The MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation is the owner and developer of ICONSIAM. VAVE is developing a multifunctional lounge, the “MQDC Inspire ME”, for the famous real estate developer at ICONSIAM.

The lounge serves as a rest area and event space. VAVE develops a concept that brings stories to life for its diverse uses. The architecture interacts with the visitor. Screens react to the passers-by with animated patterns and the lounge and its architecture turns into an experience. Depending on requirements or the type of event, the design can adapt to the patterns.

The staff has easy access to content updates via the screens. Alternatively, the screens can be used as information platforms for marketing and communication of the MQDC brand.

Precious materials and high-quality furniture, as well as a kinetic installation of a giant magnolia in the entrance area, provide the lounge an extraordinary charm. With the “Inspire ME Lounge”, MQDC can present its philosophy and brand history in the best possible way.

And this perfectly fits into the overall picture of ICONSIAM: glazed facades, floral accents and a modern interpretation of the original Thai design make this location the absolute highlight in Bangkok.





Magnolia Quality Development Corporation

298 sqm