The Forestias - Imagine Happiness

Thailand’s largest property development project by MQDC

MQDC’s ‘The Forestias’ – Thailand’s largest property development project located in Bangkok – is the world’s first place designed as a sustainable ecosystem where people, wildlife and nature can live and evolve peacefully side by side.

The master plan project aims to create a sense of wonder and joy through an ingenious blend of nature, architecture, and leading-edge technology. Creating an innovative, multi-generational community that brings together the best of leisure and conservation for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The Forestias Masterplan by MQDC.

MQDC invited VAVE Studio in collaboration with b.u.g Studio to design an ‘experience center’ inside the ‘Forest Pavilion’ designed by Foster+Partners. A place to showcase the vision and concept of the project through extraordinary immersive experiences. 

The Forest Pavilion – designed by Foster+Partners.


To illustrate the relevance of a healthy and happy living environment, we have conceptualized an unconventional real estate showroom, beyond product presentation, providing a journey of “seeking for happiness”.

Though much interactive media was used, we were able to camouflage all technology with the senses of nature, offering a multi-sensory experience through human-centric interfaces.

As part of our philosophy space experience design, technology is not a destination but a tool,
that appears on-demand and unveils information only if seeking for it.


The journey begins in an imaginative nature environment, peering through windows in search of reality. As you approach the space, the ‘Lobby Area’ welcomes you to a vivid content surrounding of different nature scenarios: ‘The Land of Everlasting Happiness’ 

‘The Land of Everlasting Happiness’ – the entrance area from the outside and inside, welcoming the visitor with nature scenarios.

The ‘Chamber of Secrets’ is an immersive 360° cinema that is exploring the secrets of happiness through an emotional narrative. It raises the question to the visitors: Where can I find happiness?

The ‘Chamber of Secrets’ – a 360° immersive theatre dedicated to the question of where to find happiness

The ‘Field of Senses’, invites the visitors to truly discover the meaning of happiness from five dimensions – the five senses.

The ‘Field of Senses’ a multi-sensory experience area offering interaction with all senses.

Unlocking mesmerizing possibilities.

A series of multi-sensory interactive experiences focusing on sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. Through each sense, visitors can unlock a mesmerizing world of possibilities that resonate with people’s emotions. 

Get into the action, feel the energy, touch, see, smell and taste the possibilities.

At the ‘Nature Walk’ visitors will get immersed in a vast interactive forest inhabited by flowers, plants and wildlife native to Bangkok and its region.

A kinetic forest installation made of origami paper awaits the visitors.

The artistic ‘Flora & Fauna’ installation is made by kinetic origami paper. Through  audio-visual projections, the space is transforming into a ‘living forest’ environment. As visitors pass by, the forest changes from morning to night, letting people experience the miracles of living in harmony with nature.

While passing by the atmosphere changes through audio-visual projections from day time to night time.

The ‘Gallery’ is showcasing ‘The Forestias’ masterplan from various perspectives. 

At first sight, visitors are surrounded by a huge photo collection – at the second glance, the interactive picture frames provide multi-media content. It is sharing insights about the different residential, commercial, leisure, and conservation components of the project.

‘The Gallery’ an interactive exhibition itself of the idea behind the masterplan.

Seeking this place of happiness, the visitors are invited into the last room: ‘The Model Room’.

By using AR technology, the masterplan model and the panoramic window view above the construction site of this new lifestyle destination will be overlapped by a future scenario. For something, we can’t see but we can imagine. 

From augmented reality projection to the real view over the projection site.

After discovering different levels and meanings of happiness, the visitors finally find the answer: Happiness is not about collecting things, but moments that people can remember, experience and share.

This is the core meaning of the project manifesto:  ‘Imagine happiness’.

VAVE Studio

Exhibition Design
VAVE Studio x  b.u.g Studio

Multi-media production
VAVE Studio x  b.u.g Studio

MQDC Limited

Architecture Pavilion
Foster + Partners Thailand
DT Design Corporation Limited


Construction Drawing
DT Design Corporation Limited

Meinhardt Thailand

1200 sqm