The new EV-brand Zeekr 001 Showroom

Ningbo Zeekr Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

On March 31st 2021, a new EV brand /Ningbo Zeekr Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. announced its establishment.

The former Lynk & Co ZERO was officially renamed as Zeekr 001, which positioned itself in a premium market with an upgraded design concept.

A highclass pop-up showroom presenting the new Ev brand to the crowd.

VAVE has created a very unique ‚Future Archaeology‘ style for Zeekr, which is based on an archaeological site we call it Futorology. What the audience enters is not just a roadshow exhibition hall, but a research institution built around the future ‘excavations’; and what they experienced was not just a new car, but a whole „lifestyle“ of the future, interpreted by Zeekr.

VAVE Studio has been chosen to create a new worldview for Zeekr, enabling visitors to explore new trends, technology and the future of EV-lifestyle. Stay Zero. Stay Cool.

In this world, Zeekr is no longer just an electric car brand, but a research institute for „futurology“. The term ‘ Futurology’ refers to the study of future trends.

However, ZEEKR has already surpassed this category and has come into direct contact with the technologies and things of the future, thus starting to actually „produce“ the future.

Futuristic oversized helmets let visitors experience the brand in an audiovisual way.

The Z-Event and the Z-Site

The concept plays with a science fiction scenario where the Z-Showroom has travelled from the future to the present and appeared overnight in the Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park. A research team was then organised to interpret the information from the future and obtain and apply many technologies and information such as the future of mobility within the Z-site.

Explore the Zeekr Futorology Site together with us!

The immersive media wall allows visitors to experience Zeekr 001 in different contexts and environments.

The Z-Perspective

Zeekr’s products are not just their „fantasy“ of the future, but come right from the future. The Z-site is now unveiled and open for viewing Zeekr „001“, giving the public a chance to get a glimpse of its mysterious nature.

The future of mobility also influences the future of interior design. Chromatic surfaces give the lounge area a surreal, futuristic look.

VAVE had chosen to create a new worldview for Zeekr, enabling visitors to capture the deep thoughts on trends, technology and the future of life in comparison of conventional car launch.

The retail area presents the Zeekrs fashion and lifestyle collection. The brand’s logo is incorporated into the details.

Zeekr Brand Design from the future permeates all experiences down to the smallest detail, from interior design and furnishings to packaging.

In terms of operations, the concept of Z-site can be extended from „001“ to the entire coorporate identity; the whole worldview is built from the perspective of experience design, radiating a whole set of out-of-thebox branding strategies.

Display of the chassis and the modular SEA platform. The SEA is the world’s first open-source architecture for electric vehicles developed by Geely Holding Group. It transforms the company from a car manufacturer to a mobility technology provider.

Every visitor has the opportunity to sit in the Zeekr 001 car and experience the luxurious technology.

The Z-Site is supervised and operated by a special team of futurologists, inspired by the dress-code of our amazing project team.

The design has officially met with the public on May 1, as the national touring exhibition . ZEEKR set sail in Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park!

Illuminated tickers present the claim of the Zeekr showroom: Stay Zero, Stay Cool. The future is our history.

Concept: VAVE Studio

Design: VAVE Studio & Kastone

Film and Photography: provided by Zeekr

Client: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd

Location: Shanghai Aegean Shopping Park

Size: 300 sqm

Construction drawing: Brandmax (Guangdong) Marketing Co., Ltd.
Construction: Brandmax (Guangdong) Marketing Co., Ltd.