IM Motors Booth Design

Auto Show Shanghai 2021


In 2021 the new ev brand of IM 智己汽车 was born -jointly founded by SAIC Motor, online retailer Alibaba and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Group.

IM what I am

Charged with autonomous driving technologies, outstanding connectivity features and high-end materials, the IM car models are designed entirely around the passengers experience:
Intelligence in Motion.

Birdview of concept design.

Front view on the booth, prepared for press days.


IM here to drive the electric revolution For the brand’s first auto show appearance, VAVE created a space concept that likewise revolves around the visitor experience.

Visitors strolling in to see the booth of IM Motors.

Inspired by the brand’s refined identity we have created an artificial landscape that makes the first appearance iconic with a distinctive design.

Even technical exhibits come to life in this architecture.

Made with more than 500 round-shaped steles, evenly distributed on a grid, the architectural landscape invites visitors to go an experience journey and to discover the IM brand DNA. 

The design elements used to create the artificial landscape.


Mesmerizing interactive art installations along the way translating the AI features of the car and resonate with the visitors emotions: IM is seeing, IM is talking, IM is feeling, IM is moving.

Art Gallery and a Digital-Art Studio enhancing the experience.

IM Intelligence in Motion Championing the user centric experience, the brand successfully established a unique identity that people can remember, experience and share.

Teamlab, immersive projection space.

The outcome: IM智己 presents its product portfolio through premium and interactive engagements. Intelligence in Motion – both on-site and online.

Back of the House – bar, restaurant and hospitality area.

More is yet to come – trade shows and great booth designs.

Design and Art meeting at IM Motors – Intelligence in Motion.

Client: IM Motors

Design agency: VAVE Studio & Eventplus Communications
Work scope: Planing concept, Exhibition design

Design Implementation: Shanghai Art-designing Co.,Ltd


Photos provided by: IM Motors

Construction: Shanghai Art-designing Co.,Ltd

Project managment: Eventplus Communications