vivoX MWC 2020

Case study: European market entry with vivoX @MWC 2020, Barcelona

A concept for a brand still new to the European market. The mobile phone brand vivo with their X-serie wants to make an entrance right at the Mobile World Congress 2020 in Barcelona. A chance to show them how VAVE works and how we would disrupt the market – if giving the chance. (not realized)

We believe that the world does not need just another smart phone brand. What the world needs are stories and experiences. It is all about who you are and what you stand for and not so much about what you have. No matter if you are the new kid in school, go on a date or start a new job, first you need to proof yourself to others in order to make friends – and of course, you need to learn how people interact and communicate.
Be brave. Be different. Be eXtraordinary – Don’t tell your name until you get asked for it. Until people really care who you are.

Let’s start from the X

Once the MWC starts, people can come and visit the booth for a very special experience: First things first!

Only one rule on the vivo X booth: No apples, blossoms, smiley faces and no galaxies allowed!
Upon entering the booth your personal phone will be stored in the provided X-bags and you will be provided with the brand new X series vivo phone! The power is now in your hands.

Your phone in your bag – the future in your hands.

Three areas await the visitor to explore the X, “eXploration” to showcase the features of the new camera, “eXpansion” for experiencing the features of gaming capabilities and the area “eXtraordinary” to present the great sound and its music features.

eXploration – dedicated to the camera; eXpansion – for gaming and the eXtraordinary area to experience the sound of the vivoX phone.

Topview on the booth with its three areas.

User Journey from the waiting line until the exit.

eXploration – Be a eXplorer means being part of it

The future in your hands. The new X phone becomes the torchlight to discover sceneries hidden for others.
The X empowers you to see what others can’t see. “Daring to go where others haven’t gone before”. Instagramable settings encourage you to use your new X to take pictures and videos of you and your friends. #vivoX

Light stripes and projection make the first space highly instagramable.

eXpansion means creating more

Where others just use the phone to see things, the X offers you to see more with the power of 5G. Enlarge your reality and broaden your mind playfully. Welcome to the next level of AR gaming. Although the space has an open facade the fun stays invisible for visitors passing by. AR Gaming with your phone opens up a whole new reality in a playful way. The X world becomes more familiar to you.

A space dedicated to the gaming – take your phone and start the fun.

Augmented Gaming in a very playful space.

For the ones passing by the booth, the open booth opens a view inside the experience. But what is going on? To discover more, try out the AR Glasses to see what the people inside see. A teaser that makes you more excited to enter the X.

Take the AR Glasses and peak into the X-Gaming world.

eXtraordinary means seeing by hearing

Paying attention to the small, the few, the things in the dark. In a world swamped by noises the beauty of what actually surrounds us often gets lost. By discovering the unregarded, the sound beyond, the melody, you can truly experience extraordinary things.

Take your vivo X to make the sound visible. Through an easy interface on the phone you can send light beams through the space that will transform to sound, depending on direction, intensity and color.

Make sound visible with your powerful vivoX in your hands.

Being eXceptional means that we won’t steal your swag. After you exit the spaces you will get your personal QR code to scan with your own phone. This way, all your collected content will transfer to your phone. Now you know us. Now you can post, snap and tweet. Now what ever you have to say is what we appreciate. 

Be honest – be real, let’s stay in touch.

A press conference will enhance curiosity and introduce with the hard facts and main message – it is all about the X.

The eXtra: For people to really care, we need to catch their attention. Arousing curiosity by showing presence right at where people are. With virtual X gates we invite people to enter the world of vivo. Extended with a virtual hide and seek game, people need to reach every X in the city to get rewarded. On the way X-ing out all the competitors and famous sights. Once discovered one of the X it will hand out information to a secret pop-up café „The X“, where everyone is invited in, to enjoy and relax, have a coffee and get to know the brand.

Taking over the city by X.

Concept: VAVE Studio

Design: VAVE Studio

Occasion: Mobile World Congress

Location: Barcelona

Planned Date: February, 2020

Planned Size: 450 sqm