Cadillac Experience Center in Shanghai, China 2015

Under the motto “Only those who dare, drive the world forward.” the automobile manufacturer Cadillac presents itself with its interactive showroom in Shanghai.

VAVE creates a luxurious and innovative concept just like the brand itself.

A generous floor plan is used to showcase the product range. The exhibition focuses on the people behind the brand. People with passion and boldness, with strength and an impulsive attitude.

On three floors, visitors can experience the world of Cadillac and interact with the exhibits.

Visitors will receive digital wristbands at the reception desk. These wristbands can be used to control exhibits with their own pulse. Interactive content can be influenced, creating an immersive spatial experience. 

Another exciting action within the exhibition which can be experienced is your own footprint. This installation triggers audiovisual waves on a water surface and sets the scene for one of the car models shown.

Bright surfaces and a well elaborated lighting concept make the showroom a great experience. Light lines on the ceiling lead to the exhibited vehicles.

Vehicles suspended from the ceiling can be viewed from all sides. In the background, LED screens on the wall provide insights into Cadillac’s history and product range. Dark walls spread an elegant and masculine charm.

High-quality materials, clear zoning and spacious presentation areas gives Cadillac the opportunity to present itself as a pioneering manufacturer of luxury cars.


George P. Johnson


Cadillac Office, Shanghai, China