Data Experience Centre in Hangzhou, China

China‘s largest online retailer and data company recently launched its Data Experience Centre in Hangzhou, China. VAVE designed the interactive exhibition of 3000 m2 to experience the field of big data. The visitor’s journey starts with an immersive multimedia show in the centrally located theatre.

From there it leads them through various thematic areas: data collection, processing, cloud computing, financial and logistical data solutions, and China‘s e-commerce ecosystem.

The Interactive exhibits and experiences provide different case uses, benefits and advanced methods of extracting value from data.

A total of 120 people can experience the power and capability of realtime data through a comprehensive multimedia show in the central theatre. The interactive principle of the show starts with the activation of a personal sphere connected to each seat.

This is one of 1200 spheres that form a huge kinetic LED light installation. To represent the endless amount of data in our life, the kinetic sculpture is extended through a huge spy mirror in front of a 120 sqm LED wall.

In combination with an integrated LED floor on the stage, the interactive show generates an overwhelming holographic effect.

The showroom provides different interactive exhibits that are connected to each other providing visitors with a better understanding of the order of big data. Visitors can explore how unstructured data can turn into useful tools to make their lives more comfortable.


Alibaba Group



Construction Company

Madhat GmbH, Pixel

3000 sqm