Grundig Connected Kitchen, EuroCucina Salone del Mobile, Mailand 2016

How will we interact with our kitchen in the future? The answer to this question was presented to Grundig at the Eurocucina 2016 in Milan. Together, with VAVE, a vision of future kitchen uses was created allowing visitors to participate in an actual multimedia exhibition.

The focus on the new kitchen experience consisted of networking all kitchen appliances with our digital world. The resulting benefits illustrated themselves in five subject areas: “Future Interface”, “Advanced Cooking”, “Time Saving”, “Eco Friendly Ness” and “Social Community “. Visitors get to experience, in a playful manner, how cooking might feel tomorrow.

Thinking ahead, is to develop.
 The high demand for an innovative kitchen necessitated an equally high demand for technical solutions that would simulate the already credible vision of today.

Results: A very eye-catching, six-meter kitchen that was brought to life with the help of Pepper’s Ghost and 3D projections. Holograms were generated by mixing both techniques and superimposed on several levels enabling new possibilities for the entire interface design. The user’s journey is then navigated by a touch interface that can be activated at the beginning with the use of a personal Smart phone.

“Looks like the kitchen of the future. Today.” This is a promise that was clearly redeemed by Grundig at the Eurocucina 2016.

Creative Agency
VAVE GmbH, Madhat GmbH



Production, Programming and Media Planning
Madhat GmbH



VAVE GmbH, Madhat GmbH, Grundig

25 sqm