UIH 2016

United Imaging Healthcare "China International Medical Equipment Fair" Shanghai 2016

United Imaging Healthcare, the leading Chinese company in design and image manufacturing based on medical electronic products, recently launched its third booth designed by VAVE.

This year VAVE created an attractive counterpart to the current round shaped products. Visible from a distance the bright cube opens its corner like the graceful unfolding of a theater curtain to welcome visitors. Through this open triangle visitors are lead into the inner sanctum of the booth.

Inside the booth is a high technological area focused specifically on technical content, progress, development, and the range of all the innovations.

Located on top is a café and conference lounge area, where customers can refresh themselves after the bustle and rush of the fair. It’s ideal for taking a break to discuss business.

To strengthen our holistic design approach we created the entire illumination, colours, material and detailing. Everything is kept as clean as possible in regards to the simple and high-grade of all UIH products.

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