Lynk & Co.

Booth at Chengdu Motor Show 2022

They make it simple. They make communities.
And they make cars. 

Lynk & Co is a new mobility brand addressing the needs and preferences of a global connected generation and challenging car industry conventions – Lynk & Co. implements a new way to move.

A huge LED façade welcomes visitors .

The CO logo detail becomes a large room image.

View of the booth behind the large LED screens.

View into the complete backside area.

floorplan top view

But, does the world need another car brand?

Lynk & Co. came to the simple conclusion that the answer is “no”. There are so many good cars on this world, but the problem is not the car that isn´t good enough, it´s mobility that isn´t good enough.
They came to the result: let´s not create a better car brand, let´s create a better mobility concept.

“There must be an opportunity to do something fundamentally different.” 

Alain Visser, CEO at Lynk & Co.

A strong statement, nothing more to say about it.

Lynk & Co. flips the automotive industry on its head.

So what has changed that a new mobility concept is needed?
The customer today has got nothing to do with the costumer of ten years ago or even 100 years ago.

Technical and social developments require new and innovative concepts for the future of the automotive industry.

There is a growing trend of sustainability, people care about this planet.
The car industry today is not a sustainable business model, the average car on this planet stands still for 96% of the time.

Even though the cars are impressively presented, they are not the focus for Lynk & Co.

Developing a better concept of mobility means no longer focusing on the product, but on (mental) agility, independence, flexibility and sustainability. But, how do you design a product presentation without focusing on the product?

Lynk & Co. created an emotional connection to its costumers that goes bejond the utilisation of a product.
It´s a lifestyle concept around the brand.

The stand welcomes visitors with huge LED walls and an oversized logo sculpture in the middle. Watching the LED show over this huge area is an impressive spectacle.

We’ve put the narrative forward, brought the experience to the front and said no to “big car parks” at motor shows!

The dance performance was one of the show highlights.

A DJ artist stood with her desk in the oversized CO letters.

The whole booth became a vibrant showspot.

We developed a creative meeting point with a stringent and brand-oriented design language which combines the digital and real world seamlessly. There are interactive experiences are all over the booth, with lots of fun for the visitors. Connecting the brand with the people is our purpose.

At the VR Spot, 4 visitors may enter a digital world at the same time

At a 4-seat VR spot, visitors can experience the thrill of a racing simulation in an urban playground.

Futuristic design and pioneering technology go well together at Lynk & Co.

 The large ceiling mirror turns perspective on its head, and that’s exactly what Lynk & Co stands for. They are flipping the industry upside down to change mobility.

Looking at the world from different perspectives is one of the core values at Lynk & Co.

What else is there to do?

Explore the exclusive digital collection, see a robot choreography, join a spectacular product presentation or create individual designs – you will not find anything boring here. 

Material library with integrated robot performance.

Design features in detail.

robot performance

Presentation of this year’s concept car.

A huge teddy bear family lives here, which one do you like best?

Each station is its own adventure and offers lots of entertainment. The current zeitgeist can be felt everywhere, because Lynk & Co. is on the pulse of the times.

Find Lynk & Co. products in the Co Market.

Concept and Design
VAVE Studio x Encore Exhibition

Lynk & Co.

Media planning
Lynk & Co


Chengdu Motor Show 2022

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Lynk & Co

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