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Real Virtuality. The Unlimited Space. Wuhan 2019.

VAVE invented a new technology blurring the boundaries between the real and virtual world .

RV (Real Virtual Reality) –– a new term to the experience design industry, is a new technology VAVE studio and digital media team Miugo Digital has developed for this project, a groundbreaking custom residential experience showroom for real estate companies.

Through RV (Real Virtual Reality), one of the industry’s first and latest technologies, VAVE Studio attempts to express the infinite possibilities of content in a limited space.

Resembling the “Nosedive” episode from the Third Season of the British Sci-fi TV series “Black Mirror”, where the protagonist is able to alternate scenes to her desire with simple gestures. In this showroom, visitors can interactive freely. They can control smart home devices or customize floor plans with the help of the wireless glasses, and touch real objects through the console to experience virtual and physical interactions simultaneously.

Different from VR or MR experiences, that creates a virtual world based on the real world and composed a new visual environment. In most cases, viewers can solely interact within the virtual world but cannot physically interact with the real world. For example, the visitor cannot move the object to their desire, which can lead to a feeling of insecurity. VAVE’s creative director mentions “We would like to create a smarter and more efficient mean of experience, that align the interaction between virtual reality and physical space in real time.”

The subtlety of RV (Real Virtual Reality) technology is that it combines the virtual space of VR with its real-world space to scale, to create a fully immersive experience space that can be seen and heard in VR glasses.

The aim behind the laborious development of this technology is clear, VAVE intends to provide a multi-sensorial experience to the visitors, one that invoke visual, auditory and tactile feelings. This immersive experience is an enthralling approach to better acknowledge the brand’s products and service to the visitors. VAVE is hoping to lead a new trend, that set of new possibilities in the experience space design industry.

Also worth mentioning, the exhibition space allows the viewer to have a wireless real-time immersive experience, where they can interact with multiple people at the same time. Visitors can enjoy the fun of customized design with friends and family, without the burden of carrying equipments.

As the saying goes, no pain, no gain, the development of this project was a great challenge for VAVE’s team.

Since this technology is the first of its kind, applying this technology to reality not only requires a team to develop the software. The team was also facing problems that can only be solved through endless testing, as there is barely any references to look for.

After completion, the RV experience has become the most attractive area of the entire Real Estate Sales Center, where consumers are drawn to it. From visitors feedbacks, this immersive experience not only provides them opportunities to switch scenes freely, but also allows them to touch and interact with the furnitures, such as lying in bed and sitting on the couch. In addition, they get to interact with friends and family’s virtual characters in the scene, and provides a remarkable realistic experience.

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