SLUSH 2016

ZJ Inno-Park Booth at Slush Convention 2016 in Shanghai

Slush originated from the english word, meaning the snow that has begun to melt. The start-up convention named by the Finish Company Rovio’s CMO Peter Vesterbacka, is a metaphor of the reviving of life after a cruel winter.
As Slush Shanghai’s host, ZJ Inno-park needs a key exhibition booth in the slush convention center. Being the oldest start-up incubator park, ZJ Inno-park has nurtured plenty high-tech companies that are highly influential in china.

How to make the service and advantages of the best incubator platform stand out in a busy convention that gathers entrepreneurs of all professions?

In this one-day convention, we get our inspiration from a pop-up store. We dress up the incubator platform as a supermarket (convenient store). A crowd gathering, multiple product offering, and service providing convenient store, is just like ZJ Inno-park, a place that has all the resources you need to found a start-up company.

In this convenient store, we’re not selling products, but promises of the future. On the boxes displayed on the product racks all show the service details of ZJ Inno-park; the drinks, fruits, and gift bags on the shelves and carts all has ZJ Inno-park’s logo and QR code printed on them. After scanning the QR code, visitors can take the product home with them, which is a brilliant opportunity for them to further get to know this inno-park.

Because it’s a low-budget project, we used the affordable PC hollow sheet to build the entire convenient store’s facade. Inside the PC hollow sheet there’re led light strips installed to illuminate the facade, which allows the booth to become the focus point in the entire Slush convention. At the same time the host invites the visitors to doodle on the PC hollow sheet, therefore the booth is an interactive highlight with the audience throughout the day.

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