AR-Exhibit, Geneva International Motor Show 2018

Autonomously driving cars – a futuristic science fiction vision, or soon to be a reality? What are the advantages of a “Self-Driving Car“ and which features will it provide?

By Volkswagen’s I.D. model series, at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show the car manufacturer provides an insight into the automated vehicles of the highest development stage.

The interactive exhibit “Autonomous Driving” vividly communicates topics such as smart traffic, smart parking, e-mobility, individual use of time, self-management as well as other future solutions by Volkswagen.

The exhibit is constituted by a multimedia table at which the latest VW solutions can already be experienced with the help of Augmented Reality. In the form of autonomously moving miniature versions, the four I.D. models drive through an urban scenery.

Eighteen cameras installed in the table transmit the location of the event from different perspectives to the four surrounding interactive terminals.

After entering his individual data and answering various lifestyle questions, the visitor

generates his very personal Volkswagen I.D. and is assigned one of the 4 car models. Augmented Reality content overlays with the real scenery and invites to immerse yourself in the world of autonomous driving as well as understanding it vividly: how is it possible that there are fewer cars driving through the city? What possibilities for individual time use are there when you are no longer driving by yourself? Can children now also use a car independently and, for example, be driven to school?

The exhibit opens your mind for future scenarios that appear within reach. Vivid and easy to understand – Mobility of the future. Today.

VAVE GmbH, madhat GmbH


Volkswagen AG

Media production
madhat GmbH

Exhibit construction
Metron Eging GmbH


L 400 cm x W 175 cm x H 200 cm