Smart Mobility Showroom, Beijing, DiDi HQ, 2017

Since its establishment in 2012, Didi has risen to the top as one of the most successful internet unicorns in the world. The well-known online ride-sharing company now is eager to inform the public that they aim higher than they seem: as a data based company, they wish to utilize the big data to redefine the future of mobility.

The 600 sqm showroom is located in Didi´s headquarter in Beijing. Equipped with cut-edge multi-media technology, the founder of Didi, Will, is able to present his vision via experience of the future supported by both facts and educated predictions. The 40min long immersive journey allows the visitors to dive into the story: the unlimited future of intelligent traffic.

Facial recognition allows visitors to authorize the entrance door to open and activate the showroom. In the opening show, the double-layered hologram screens present Didi’s journey as a company to the audience with a high-tech touch. The “social responsibly” corridor uses a 30m long touch screen which gives the visitors an opportunity to explore the stories behind the success. The “future mobility” section is an immersive movie experience which offers 2min version of the future possibilities.

The key section, which mainly presents the theme of this show room, is the “intelligent traffic” hall. In this section, Didi showcases their real-time data capability and how they’re processed by Didi Brain, as well as Didi’s dedication to change the shift the mobility paradigm via big data. The screen on the wall and the interactive table works together to give a very clear explanation.

With all the content being interactive, the visitors could experience a hands-on magical journey into Didi’s world, or could be led by the guide who will give them the full immersive presentation.

The animated led Line poses as threads which link all topics together, and it also refers to the topic of the showroom: the traffic flow of idealism.

Creative Agency

Didi Chuxing



Construction Company
Kangye Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Filming & Fotos
Grison Wang

600 sqm